CNC Machine Startup Procedure

This is my startup procedure/checklist:

1. Remove any bits that may be in the router
2. Turn on the Computer (do not power on Probotix control box)
3. When PC is booted up start the LinuxCNC application and load part (.ngc file)
4. Add oil to each axis rails (needed once per day)
5. Turn on the Probotix control box
6. In the Linux CNC application hit the home all button (may want to jog the machine close to home manually beforehand to speed this up)
7. Install router bit and clamp down material as required.
8. Locate (0,0,0) and Touch off for each axis
9. Move the router up (+Z) before running to prevent bit from dragging on material
10. Start up the Dust collection system – until it has stabilized (electrical load purposes)
11. Run the .ngc program.