cats are cool

By: Olivia Gano (2nd Grade)

cats always land on their feet

they can not fly.

they are my favorite animals

cats normaly have fur

cats have good balance.

cats eat cat food.

.cats meow.

cats spit when they're mad.

.cats have blue eyes when they are first born.

kittens can not open their eyes when they are first born.

cats do not wear sunglasses...unless they have to...

.cats go to the bathroom in kitty litter

cats do not dance to cool pop music.

cats do not like to dress up.

kittens are cats babys

cats like scraching posts to scratch.

cats hate being in water.

dont be scard of giveing a cat a bath...i am scard though...

cats are not scary.

cats are not the best mathematicians

they like Friskies for a treat.

cats like to play with yarn,but do not give them the hole roll because they will get tangled up.

they like to play with toy mice.

cats have wiskers, ears, paws, eyes and sometimes stripes, dots or both.

cats are cute, here's a picture of two.

dogs and cats can get along well.

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