Chinchillas are rodents. They are super soft! This is a chinchilla.

Food For Chinchillas

Chinchillas should eat high quality chinchilla food. A chinchilla's main diet is hay and chinchilla pellets. Chinchilla pellets are pellets of food for chinchillas. They are not at all like owl pellets. Chinchillas should have no more than 1 teaspoon of treats per day.

When A Chinchilla Comes Home

Chinchillas like it mostly quiet. They are nocturnal, but they can be wide awake in the day to. Nocturnal means awake mostly at night. Chinchillas can become good friends with their owners. Chinchillas like routines. They also enjoy cool tempatures. Be gentle with chinchillas to gain their trust, and give them time to get used to you. Chinchillas love to climb and explore! Some chinchillas like to be held while others don't.

Chinchilla Toys

Wooden chew toys are good choices for chinchillas. Wooden parrot toys will work too. A chinchilla might like a wheel to run on. A good wheel size is 15 inches. Plastic wheels work well.

Pick Out A Chinchilla

Get chinchillas from pet stores or breeders. Look for a chinchilla about 4 months old. You could also adopt an older chinchilla. Boys and girls act about the same, so it doesn't matter if you choose a boy or a girl. Chinchillas can be adopted alone or with a friend.

Here are some more chinchillas.

Chinchillas can be black, white, grey, or a mix of these colors. What is your favorite chinchilla color?

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